James Mwangi is Dalberg’s Global Managing Partner (http://www.dalberg.com/), overseeing the activities of the firm’s 11 offices and more than 120 staff from his base in Johannesburg. He has served a wide range of clients including governments, multilateral institutions, private foundations, major investors, and corporations across Africa and around the world. James has helped new organizations ranging from think tanks to private equity funds to develop business plans and implement launch strategies.

James has also led strategic reviews of several financial institutions seeking to stimulate development in Southern Africa via their investments. He has advised East Africa’s largest bank on its overall strategy and helped two West African heads of state to create new decision-making processes.

Meet the Leader - James Mwangi

Meet the Leader – James Mwangi

Prior to joining Dalberg, James was a consultant at McKinsey & Company. He holds a degree in economics from Harvard University and has been awarded the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellowship by the African Leadership Institute.

The Meet the “Meet the Leader” was held on the 24th July 2014 at Dalberg’s Johannesburg office in Auckland Park following the keen interest by James and the prompt setup by his vibrant PA Jady Samuels.

The two hour engagement with the exceptional James was absolutely amazing. James’ passion and commitment to enlightening and developing the next generation of young leaders is inspiring. He shared freely on his development as a leader, the work he does at Dalberg, along with insights on multiple issues. His enthusiasm, purposefulness and focus is certainly worth applauding.

Some of the key lessons shared by James during the session (among many others):

  • Build your EDGE, your unique skill.
  • Be comfortable with uncertainty
  • Always ask WHY?
  • Be humble about what you know
  • Ask the simple questions
  • Remember that inspiration exists at the boundaries and not at the centre.
  • Impact requires intent and maximum execution.

The Tshwane Hub Shaper are infinitely grateful to James for sharing his experiences with the Tshwane Hub Shapers, and for actively contributing to developing the next generation of responsibly leaders.

James recently led a session at WEF Africa on: Diversifying Development Finance and wrote an impressive article on The Right way to do business in Africa.