Blood banks in countries all over the world are always in need of donors. The South African National Blood Service, in particular though, is often under a huge amount of pressure to ensure their blood stocks are sufficiently full. Some of the reasons for this are the country’s high rates of violent crime and fatal road accidents. Festive occasions such as Christmas and Easter are known to be periods during which the demand for blood donations increase, as many people are injured on the roads, whilst travelling to visit families and holiday destinations.

In light of this, and wanting to raise awareness amongst South Africans about the importance of being regular blood donors, the Hub ran a week-long online campaign before Easter 2018. The focus was on providing details of donation processes, locations and national blood supply levels, as well as posting fun educational daily donation facts. We were most proud of a few of the Hub’s Shapers who were absolute champions, walking the talk and going to donate blood themselves!

One of the most important things that most people do not know when it comes to donating blood is that a unit of blood only lasts 42 days and the first and second donation are subject to several tests before they can actually be used. This is because certain viruses are dormant in the blood for window periods, meaning that a person’s blood has to be checked multiple times before deemed safe. Hence why regular blood donations are essential!

The Hub hopes that its followers found this campaign educational and useful – and we look forward to running it annually at crucial points in the year.


Walking the Talk – Blood Donor Hero!

Arnold putting his money where his mouth is #donateblood