Situated in Villieria, Tshwane, Grounded at Echo is an inspirational space with two complementary spheres. Grounded Coffee and Gathering is a coffee shop geared at inspiring conversation and growing the sense of community. Right next door is Grounded Work, Tshwane’s first co-working space, a place where one can dream, connect, collaborate and become part of a bigger conversation.

Rooted in product integrity and business transparency, Grounded at Echo aims to generate sustainable social and financial profit through social entrepreneurship and ethical business practices. Revenue generated is spread out, roughly, as follows: 30% to the hands that prepare the food, 37% for ingredients, 23% for infrastructure and fixed costs, 8% to taxes and 2% is profit and Echo Youth Development contributions.

Grounded at Echo is a product of Echo Youth Development, in collaboration with others, a registered not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide a support system for vulnerable youth. It has grown into an organic community of people initiating change through their weekly youth programs and free counselling services at schools.