In line with the Hub’s annual tradition of sharing some love with those most in need, on the 5th May 2018, a group of Tshwane Shapers gathered at The Heartbeat Foundation in Mamelodi. Part of the Siyadinga Community Child Care Forum, Heartbeat is home to 150 orphans, providing them after school support and running feeding schemes.

Our aim was simple – to make sure the children felt loved and had an enjoyable morning. And fun and games there were! It was truly humbling to see how much joy some face paints, music and chairs can bring to the hearts of little ones – they ask nothing of us adults other than showing them genuine care and some undivided attention!

Despite the chilly weather, everyone was soon feeling warm after numerous rounds of dancing statues, wheelbarrow races, musical chairs, three-legged hops and egg-and-spoon relays. Music played all morning and we were taught some incredible new dance moves by children as young as four years old! Not to mention being introduced to our new hub anthem – Skorokoro. We were really impressed by the beautiful manners of the children who were so well-behaved during the whole morning, even when we brought out lunch for the hungry tummies!

It was such a privilege for us to be able to spend some time with these happy little people and we thank the staff members of Heartbeat for all the amazing work they do. We would encourage any individual or organization interested in working with them to contact us, as they are in need of several items for the center as well as financial support to continue providing a safe space for the vulnerable children of Mamelodi.

Having fun makes for hungry tummies

Musical chairs – a classic!

So much joy!

The team for the day

Who can resist a good, old-fashioned wheel barrow race?

Face-painting Fun!