On the 21st of July we hosted the final session of the project at Phateng Secondary School! 51 grade 8 and 9 students participated in the 5 week Financial Literacy Project, running their businesses for 4 of those weeks. The day started with lots of energy as students from Bona Lesedi Secondary School danced into Phateng excited for the competition. And the the judging began. Teams were asked to present their business and lessons learned to a panel of Global Shapers. They were questioned about the challenges they faced and the fun along the way. 
While the profits were being tallied and ranked, ‘Girls On a Mission’ – last year’s winners – screened their very own documentary! They have grown from strength to strength over the past year, winning entrepreneurship competitions and even committing to give back 10% of their profits to their community. They kindly spent the morning with the hub sharing their tips and advice with the new cohort of entrepreneurs. Congratulations ladies! We are so very proud! They’d like us to mention that they will be organising a number of screenings of their documentary in the near future. Watch this space.
Then time for the awards. Miss Mamelodi Sundowns and her Princess joined the hub during the session to share their stories of motivation, learn about the students and help the hub hand out the awards. They really took time to speak to each student, offer encouragement and take every selfie request made. We want to thank you for coming through and look forward to partnering on future projects. After much anticipation, the winners were announced, this year it was ‘Young Stars’ from Bona Lesedi! Young Stars intend to keep running their business and enter more competitions. 
We ended the day with delicious food made by Gogo Malulelaka, more photos and a ton of dancing! We would really like to thank the principals, staff and parents at Phateng and Bona Lesedi for their eagerness to be a part of the project and for help with logistics. Shout out to Tshwane Hub Shaper Alum Brendan Kilpatrick for running a stellar first round last year which allowed us to expand to our second school this year. Looking forward to next year!