The Tshwane Hub had an intimate and inspiring Meet the Leader session with Ms Kurisani Maswanganyi, Managing Director and Founder of Kulani Engineering Consultancy. Maswanganyi a civil engineer turned entrepreneur, shared her leadership journey with the hub, highlighting some of the key lessons she has learnt along the way.


Some of the major highlights from her talk are:
• “Success is value created… When you have created value you have created a lasting impact.”

• “Become an instrument that demonstrates the society you want to see. I am that instrument that will build the girl child”.

• “My dream is to create an environment in which female engineers thrive. The industry does not understand the value a woman can bring to it.”

Speaking on some of the challenges she faced in her entrepreneurship journey, Maswanganyi notes that, “South Africa does not leave enough room for people to fail. But those who succeed are those who try and fail and try again the most”. She adds that, “My failures do not reflect my inability to succeed. They demonstrate my strength.
My failures and dark moments in life have shaped me and taught me a great amount. They made me who I am today” The Meet the Leader session was attending by members of the hub, as well as young professionals and aspiring engineers.