Name and Surname:

Lerato Selialia (many call me Rato or Love Doc)


Brief description of who you are/what you do outside the hub:

Management Consultant and Entrepreneur


How long have you been a hub member? 

Just under 2 years


Why did you join the hub?

I joined Tshwane Hub with ambitions of expanding my network within Education and Community Development areas while contributing to developing my immediate ‘home’ community, being Tshwane.


What is your vision for South Africa? 

I have come to learn that we live in a poorly developed, unstable and unjust society. It is going to take more than political and business influence to move Africa forward. We need to build authentic relationships between private and public stakeholders while also building conducive environments for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to contribute to socio-economic development in Africa. My vision for South Africa and Africa is to be an integral part of building programmes and platforms through public-private partnerships where content and tangible value can be exchanged for African initiatives to drive socio-economic impact within the African continent.  


Any exciting events/projects that you are involved in outside the hub:

I am currently involved in a number of exciting initiatives outside the hub. Namely –

  • African Development Disruptors (ADD) – ADD is an organisation focused on up-skilling African youth, entrepreneurs and professionals.  We are currently in partnership with Pink Codrs helping previously disadvantaged females in Southern Africa build coding skills which in effect develop their abilities to problem-solve. 
  • One Young World DelegateFounded in 2009, One Young World (OYW) is a UK-based charity that gathers together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and positive change. I was nominated and later selected by the Deloitte Africa Executive Office together with Oluwabamise (from the Nigeria Office) to represent the African Member firms as a Delegate at the 2018 annual OYW Summit being held in The Netherlands.
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) – Monitor Deloitte recently won a number of Enterprise and Supplier Development tenders with some of South Africa’s leading JSE listed companies. ESD comprises of assisting companies redresses historical socio-economic inequalities and legislation been passed that governs the social licence to operate. I have had the privilege of serving one of our clients over the past year in building a strategy framework; identifying, assessing the needs of and assisting small-to-medium enterprises (SMMEs) in South Africa build sustainable businesses and related offerings with me serving as an ESD Consultant. To date, I have contributed to assisting over 30 SMMEs with training, grant funding and loan funding opportunities.


Words to live by:

  • “Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.” – Unknown
  • “Always expect the unexpected.” – Unknown