Brief description of who you are/what you do outside the hub:   

 I am a newly qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) with three years’ experience in global assurance and finance. I am currently the Senior Analyst for MTN’s Vice President in the Middle East and North Africa in the telecommunications industry. I enjoy travel with loved ones. I am passionate about education and the leadership development of young women.

How long have you been a hub member? :

I have been a member of the hub since February 2017

Why did you join the hub? :

I joined the hub because I felt a deep sense of seeking to give back to my community in a meaningful and tangible way. I knew that I had to use my talents and skills for the benefit of society in some way to fully realise my purpose. This includes teaching others as well as using my corporate experience and networks to help the hub move forward and grow at its aims of shaping Tshwane in an impactful tangible manner.

 What is your vision for South Africa? : My vision for South Africa is equal access for all students in high school and primary school to a university education that is both globally and locally competitive and prepares them for the future and not the past. I believe that only a nation which adequately invests and prepares its youth for future business practice can expect to be eradicate poverty and catapult itself into generational wealth and become an influential participant in the global economy. I believe education is the key to a great future because that is true to my story. I have access to certain privileges because of my qualification and education. Without academic performance and access to certain institutions, almost none of these doors would be open to me.

Any exciting events/projects that you are involved in outside the hub:

In my role at MTN I have had the opportunity to travel to Sudan, Benin, Dubai, Jordan and Lebanon in the space of 6 months. I was also part of a team which planned a conference in Beirut for our colleagues in the Middle East and North Africa, on behalf of our Vice President.  

Words to live by:  

“If you never ask, the answer is always no.” Very often the life that we aspire to, is not constrained by external barriers or other people but it is constrained by our limited beliefs of what is and is not possible for people like us.