Brief description of who you are/what you do outside the hub:

Kathleen is currently studying part-time towards a Master of Science in Geoinformatics at the University of Pretoria; while working full time as a spatial analyst at Pegasys, an advisory group focusing on development impact in emerging economies.

Kathleen volunteers extensively with the World Organisation of the Scout Movement and Scouts South Africa and has a great deal of passion for youth engagement and development, as well as skills training. She has been a trainer for youth in the Scout programs Dialogue for Peace, International Leadership Training and Scouts go Solar amongst others and also volunteers in Adults in Scouting, the unit for volunteer management and enrichment at the world level of Scouting.

Kathleen also ran a global online mentorship program for the Better Tomorrow Movement for one year, where she paired mentors and mentees, developed programs and ran the communication and quality management. Kathleen has a passion for socio-economic development, youth engagement and empowerment and using spatial information to make well-informed decisions and give new perspective on existing data.

How long have you been a hub member? :

I was accepted into the hub at the end of October

Why did you join the hub? :

I saw a fellow colleague was a member of Global Shapers and decided to do some research. Because the work and members of the hub are like-minded youth looking to empower their communities and learn from and with each other, I decided this was something I would really love to be involved with, and sent through my application.

 What is your vision for South Africa? :

My vision for South Africa is an inclusive and upskilled Africa. The road there is through empowering individuals and communities to impact, innovate, influence and inspire.

Any exciting events/projects that you are involved in outside the hub:

I’m always working on something – at the moment it’s translating a set of online training courses from English to French to enable better access.

Words to live by:

Attitude is contagious. Make sure yours is worth catching.