Four Tshwane Hub Shapers attended a workshop hosted by the World Economic Forum on Accelerating the Industrialisation Agenda in SADC. The purpose of the workshop was to explore ways that governments, businesses, academia and communities can collaborate to accelerate the sub-regional industrialisation agendas in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The session was split into five task forces: institutions, investment, industry and innovation; each theme being discussed in relation to industrialisation. Each task force was led by a moderator with the purpose of brainstorming and discussing ideas with the objective of identifying areas for acceleration of  the SADC Industrialisation Agenda.

A common theme that came out of each task force was the importance of education and skills development to ensure the youth is equipped for the fourth industrialisation and others to come. In addition to the Global Shapers; the workshop drew in heads of Government Departments / Agencies, Business Experts, Heads of relevant Departments of Regional and International Organisations; Local and International Investors, Young Global Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Academics and Think Tanks.