We’re happy to announce that Phateng now has fully functional water and sanitation facilities! 

Our Sani4Schools projected successfully helped to repair all 48 non-functional toilets as well as water leaks and broken taps within the school. This means that the school now meets the UN standard of 1 toilet for every 30 learners. Before the upgrades the baseline was 1 toilet to every 75 learners with male and female learners often having to share the same facilities as there were only 16 operational toilets. These upgrades will ensure that toilet waiting time for learners will be improved, water will be better conserved due to fixed leaks and the right to human dignity of children at Phateng Secondary by giving them access to proper and working sanitation facilities will be upheld. 

With infrastructure upgrades of this nature upkeep and maintenance are critical to ensure the sustainability of the facilities upgraded. Tshwane Hub will now be working closely with school staff and learners to ensure this is done. We will work closely with the school to develop a maintenance and cleaning schedule that will see the good conditions of the toilets prevail. Most importantly, the Tshwane Hub will now implement a WaSH Ambassador programme which will encourage the learners to take ownership of their upgraded facilities and be educated on the importance of water conservation, health and hygiene. Stay tuned for more updates!