Brief description of who you are/what you do outside the hub:

I am a dream chaser, liker of things, but besides that, I am a co-founder of an non-profit organisation called Mmabontle Foundation, where we equip high school learners with leadership skills, empower youth, and assist them in realising their potential. We are individuals that seek to grow and make positive social change. I’m also an Activate Change Driver, which is a network of youth that are change makers within their communities.

How long have you been a hub member?

A year and 3 months.

Why did you join the hub?

Transfer and learn new skills and be part of a community of young people with the same vision as mine.

What is your vision for South Africa?

 °A safe country for women and children.

°A society envisioned on the constitution.

° Opportunities that equip young people with skills that enable them to be employable.

° A South African that ensures young people get quality education.

Any exciting events/projects that you are involved in outside the hub?

Funda Nathi Reading programme. We collect reading books and donate to primary schools.

Words to live by:

“If not now, when?”