During the period of 10 April -29 May, Arnold gathered a team of 8 volunteer teachers from the 20 secondary schools  in the  Mamelodi region to address the absence of soccer and netball at their high schools.

Through the support of the Department of Education and high school principals, Arnold lead the team  in successfully organizing both a soccer and netball league tournament, despite having no funding. It was the first time in a decade that such a tournament took place, allowing for learners in  the region to become legible for participation at district and provincial level.

The pilot tournament was a success and the first of many more to come. The youth got engaged positively outside the classroom and had fun overall, which is essential in the ongoing fight against drugs in the community.

Going forward, they hope to host more tournaments with the backing of local sponsors and brands, and are looking for assistance with logistics such as catering, medals, trophies and qualified match officials.