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Message from Media Director [Oct 2017]

Hola Spring, Sho Tshwane, Hello Everybody!

After such a warm September, it was joyous putting together this month’s Newsletter!

We welcome all new subscribers and thank all existing subscribers for the continued support – you are the reason we continue consolidating and sharing Tshwane inspired content. I’d like to personally thank my Curatorship for their backing as well as our Tshwane Hub Shapers for their feedback and inputs in building our Media-Marketing function.

I hope you enjoy this month’s read and feel free engaging with us on all media platforms.

Lerato Selialia

Tshwane Hub Media Director

Meet Our New Curatorship!

A Spring-Welcome to our new Tshwane Hub 2017/18 Curatorship! Read up on them below to get to know them a little better, engage with them and partner with them on their journey of taking the World Economic Forum Global Shaper Community to the next level.

Tshwane Hub Curator – Thembile Ndlovu

Thembile Nonhle Ndlovu is originally from Durban and is passionate about seeing people develop themselves. She currently works within Microsoft, placing fresh graduates in internships across the continent and exposing them to jobs in technology, under the Microsoft Interns4Afrika program. She is the co-founder of an organisation that seeks to empower young girls through dialogue sessions called Authentic Chicks Talk (ACT). ACT encourages girls to share their stories to empower one another, to self-actualise, to love one’s self and ultimately become ACTive citizens of society.

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ACM 2017, What a Wow!

Thembile clearly lives her best life! She was granted the opportunity to fly over to Switzerland for 4 days to collaborate with other Curators at the ACM 2017. Her 4 worded summary: “The time is now!”

To summarise the 4 day event in a few words, “The time is now!”. The time is now for us as Shapers to no longer wait to be invited to the table but rather we invite ourselves to the conversations or better yet we have the conversations ourselves, we mobilise. We live in a global society and hold a global identity. Issues that affect our neighbouring countries are also our issues and this is a time for collaborative solutions, we can no longer solve them alone.

ACM 2017

ACM 2017

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Message from the Curator [September 2017]

It is with great excitement that I announce that we will be re-launching our newsletter and mailing list. We want to ensure that our partners and stakeholders are aware and interacting with all the activities taking place in the hub.  I urge you to take some time to read our newsletter and keep an eye out of upcoming events that may be of interest to you.

In the month of July, we wrapped up our successful Financial Literacy Workshop sessions. This was aimed at equipping grade 8 and 9 learners from Phateng High School, in Mamelodi,with skills to save money and how to start a business. This was further emphasized by learners going out to practically starting a business in their community and reporting back on the profits and losses, and most importantly sharing lessons from the experience (Read more in the report). We would like to thank our Sponsors who made our workshops a success – Nandos, Hatfield and Spar.

We also faced some internal movement in July. We said goodbye to our Incoming Curator, Brendan Kilpatrick who is now at Oxford University studying his Masters. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors and we thank him for his commitment and dedication to the hub. We look forward to electing a new incoming curator this month.

Financial Literacy Meets Entrepreneurship at Phateng High School

The Tshwane Student Financial Literacy Project aims to provide Grade 8 and Grade 9 students with the life skills to foster entrepreneurship and improve basic sales & financial knowledge competencies.

Youth unemployment rates in South Africa remain a constant challenge in the fight against poverty and inequality in the country. Almost half of South Africans between the ages of 14-35 are unemployed. According to the 2015 – 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report for South Africa, the number of entrepreneurs in the country have declined during 2015 to 2016, and entrepreneurial intention (which measures the intention to start a business) has almost halved when compared to 2010 and is lower than the African average.

Facing increasingly difficult economic conditions, many South African students lack the basic skills around money management, finance and entrepreneurship. There is a distinct lack of theoretical and practical preparation for schools and their students, in a country where unemployed graduates are often the norm and not the exception. The Global Shapers aimed to tackle this critical issue through engaging Phateng Secondary School based in Mamelodi, which currently educates over 1,000 students from the local areas, many of which come from disadvantaged households.

TshwaneHub Shapers with learners and teachers at Phateng High School

TshwaneHub Shapers with learners and teachers at Phateng High School

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