What is Meet the Leader?

The ‘Meet the Leader’ sessions endeavour to create a platform for the Global Shapers and other young change-makers to interact with leaders from various sectors in order to learn from their personal journeys and to gain insight into key issues affecting the Republic of South Africa. These sessions enable the youth and their leaders to exchange thoughts, ideas, visions, lessons learnt and inspiration in the spirit of building the nation.

How can organisations host Shapers?

Organisations could make direct contact with the Hub and express their interest to groom the next set of responsible leaders.

Who normally attends?

Meet the Leaders are generally attended by Global Shapers, but various Hubs including the Tshwane Hub are keen to expand the opportunity to other young leaders.

Are you interested in attending a Meet The Leader?

Which South African leader would you be keen to sit and learn about regarding their personal and leadership journey?

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