The Tshwane Hub’s TshwaneGirlsCodes aims to be part of efforts to eradicate gender inequality in the technology sector by empowering marginalised girls within Tshwane communities with ICT skills and resources. Technology has become increasingly instrumental in addressing some of the most pressing developmental issues globally however, according to Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering, woman only represent 21% of the ICT roles within South Africa. To ensure greater participation of women in technology, it is critical to ensure that girls are given opportunities to learn at a young age.

The Tshwane Hub will partner with two organisations that have a vested interest in increasing girls’ participation in the technology sector: Social Coding SA and IAMTHECODE. Social Coding SA is a nonprofit organisation based in Tshwane that teaches science and mathematics through computer programming and IAMTHECODE is a UN powered and African-led global movement which aims to train 1 million women and girls how to code by 2030.

Through partnerships with these organizations we will establish a digital club that will be teaching 100 girls between the ages of 12-18 how to code during the design focused 12 week program. The curriculum will not only teach participants how to code in multiple languages but will also teach them about 3D printing, robotics and analytics. The 12 week program will culminate in a hack-a-thon where participants will use their newly acquired coding skills to solve a problem centered on different Sustainable Development Goals. Upon completion of the course participants will be guided in finding and exploring opportunities in their sector of interest to gain work experience. The program will also focus on establishing mentorship between participants and women working in STEM based careers to ensure continued interest and growth for participants.