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Tshwane hub is a diverse Hub made of passionate individuals who come from various industries that complement the needs of the Hub and the Tshwane community. Our hub has representation in the entrepreneurial space, environmental sector, accounting services, consulting, development economics, public speaking and media and television. Working together with our partners we have been able to set a focus topic around water and sanitation, where we have made a commitment to provide swimming lesson to the community since our area was most struck by the floods that occurred late 2016, host a dialogue alongside the ministry of water and sanitation and run an online campaign about techniques the community could use to save water.


Our Areas of Impact

Climate and the Environment

Our goal is to mobilise 1 million people to influence policy and drive action to safeguard our planet

Education and Employment

Our goal is to equip 100,000 people with formative digital literacy and market-ready skills for employment

Equity and Inclusion

Our goal is to equip 100,000 people with the knowledge and skills to drive action on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Values

As a shaper I use Passion to channel my energy into pasitive Action
As a shaper I Have Integrity through the unity of my actions and Values
As a shaper I pratice service by striving to understand the needs of my community and taking action to improve it
As a shaper I Demonstrate cooperation by proactively working with others to achieve a common goal
As a shaper I am commited to consistently honoring my obligations and selflessly supporting the agreed agenda and Goals of my community

Global shapers and The world economic forum

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How are we linked to the World Economic Forum?

We're part of the forum family, but operate as an Independent organization Professor Schwab and the forum continue to make significant financial and in-kind contributions to the network and our day-to-day operations including access to tools like TopLink,staff and office space


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Meet the hubs leadership

Kananelo Sebati (Curator) is a CX Specialist at an automotive company. She is passionate about research, storytelling and making a difference to one life at a time.
Nokuthula Mayisa (Vice Curator) is a very dynamic individual who is always up for a challenge and takes it on with enthusiasm. She is ready to take on the world with both hands and is a true force to be reckoned with.


Kananelo Sebati



Nokuthula Mayis

Vice Curator


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The Tshwane Hub has grown over the past 3 months with new Shapers recruited, a number of new projects started and a few more in the pipeline. We are also looking forward to more collaborate with a number of Hubs across the world and have had exchanges of ideas, sharing of experiences and collaboration.

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