Thembile clearly lives her best life! She was granted the opportunity to fly over to Switzerland for 4 days to collaborate with other Curators at the ACM 2017. Her 4 worded summary: “The time is now!”

To summarise the 4 day event in a few words, “The time is now!”. The time is now for us as Shapers to no longer wait to be invited to the table but rather we invite ourselves to the conversations or better yet we have the conversations ourselves, we mobilise. We live in a global society and hold a global identity. Issues that affect our neighbouring countries are also our issues and this is a time for collaborative solutions, we can no longer solve them alone.

ACM 2017

ACM 2017

ACM united us as curators, it challenged us to discuss the issues we face as leader but more so to come up with solutions to them. It called on us to be solution orientated leaders. The beauty of being a part of a community is the solutions lie right within us, we don’t need to look far. We came together, regrouped and with our diverse opinions came up with possible solutions. This highlighted the importance of diversity in a system. It is imperative that as Shapers our hubs reflect the diversity our cities represent, if we strive to drive impact for our cities we need to have the right people in our hubs to drive that inclusive change.

As African Curators we are collectively working with our hubs to drive an Initiative called Open Africa. We aim to drive conversations and to mobilise for the ease of trade across our African borders. We believe by understanding why the barriers exist between African Nations, we can start to understand how to trade amongst each other and allow for socio-economic interactions. Our Durban Curator has embarked on a journey across Africa starting from Durban to Egypt stopping in each country to host an event and have a discussion on the culture, economics and politics of that country. I urge you to follow our journey on social media #OpenAfrica.

Thembile Ndlovu