On the 10th and 11th of November Tshwane Hub Shapers ran a 2-day literacy workshop at Ya Bana Village. The weekend was eye-opening for Tshwane Hub Shapers. We saw first-hand how much progress the kids could make with dedicated reading time but more than that we got a lesson in what makes a community.

“Ya Bana means “for the children”. The Village is an ambitious project aimed at providing vulnerable and orphaned children with permanent housing in a family environment where trained house mothers offer love and structure. The Village believes that in order for children to become balanced and productive citizens of society, they need holistic care. Our programs focus on the physical, emotional, educational, spiritual and cultural needs of the child.”

The Village has many facets to it. Each of the Foster Care Homes house a housemother and 6-8 children. The Early Learning Centre is used for early learning development for toddlers from Ya Bana and the surrounding community. The Youth Living Centre ensures that no one gets left behind. “Children who reaches the age of 18 have to leave the houses and are then enrolled in this program. The young person enters into a contract where they will be able to learn a skill or where further education will be provided.” The Community Hall serves as a central place for the entire community, not just the village, and also functions as a catering facility for functions.

The village also provides accommodation to people outside the community as part of their income stream. You can stay at the beautiful village, witness the great work they do and contribute to the community.

We toured the village and saw the dedication and love that is poured into every aspect, from the photos on the walls to the way the kids care for each other in a moment of need. It is place that exudes warmth and provides an opportunity for children who would otherwise have no clear shot at a bright future.

For more information on the village and ways to get involved check out their website here: https://www.yabana.co.za/home