The Tshwane LGBTQ+ Project aims to establish a collective of LGBTQ+ Tshwane youth and professionals (adults) to provide a platform to collaborate on turning ideas into action to address LGBTQ+ challenges and to increase visibility and representation. 
This will be done through QUEERies (workshops, panels and project sessions) to highlight successful LGBTQ+ members, share experiences and bridge the gap between the youth, professionals and older members of the queer community (bridging intergenerational, social, political and financial gaps). There will be emphasis on representation and visibility with the practical aspect of connecting people, information and opportunity, and affecting the ‘movable middle’. The platform will also showcase queer art and artists from Tshwane.
Despite our progressive constitution that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation verbal, physical and sexual abuse, rape and suicide due to LGBTQ+ status persists. There is a lack of representation and visibility in the professional space and this presents a lack of role models and sense of community for LGBTQ+ youth. The Global Shapers Tshwane Hub aim to tackle this by engaging with LGBTQ+ groups, allies and community representatives in Tshwane with the following objectives: Coordination & Collaboration, Ideas into Action, Community Engagement, Curate the Narrative, Scalable Community Engagement Program.
If you’re interested in hearing more or collaborating please contact !

  • Queeries Project Update July 2018 We ran our first social media campaign around this initiative during International Pride Month, getting the 6 South African Global Shaper Hubs to all show solidarity for the cause by posting the same message on the same day at the same time.   We’ll continue to add to the campaign, showcasing more dynamic people in this space and opening ...